Fables for Japan - The Golden Cat

This illustration was created for "Fables For Japan" vol. 2. “Fables for Japan” is a set of 3 anthology books collecting fiction, poems, sequential (comic books) stories, and artwork. These are original works by writers and artists from around the world. 100% of the sales from these books will go to the Red Cross in care of the March 11th earthquake victims. You can buy here

Patricia Morse-McNeely  has  written a short story for Book 2 called, "Sha-Kee, The Golden Cat," illustrated by me. Here is a preview:

By Patricia Morse-McNeely

            In a far away land, there once lived a mighty Emperor whose face all were forbidden to look upon without his permission.  He sat on a big red and gold throne on a platform a little above his people.  His servants waited on him with their eyes on the floor. They could only see the tips of his red shoes, decorated in gold embroidery and jewels. If they looked him in the face, they would be executed for the Emperor was like a god and it was believed his face shone like the Sun.  He could do no wrong and was always right.  His people were very afraid of him.
            Now, in this great land lived a Cat who was afraid of no one. He was a very big cat with long golden hair – each hair was seven inches long and thick as a copper wire – and he had gold whiskers. He, too, lived in the palace and, like the Emperor, he was the greatest in all the land – that is, the greatest among cats! The people enjoyed seeing him sit in the big windows, sunning himself, licking his golden paws, or playing with a big ivory ball made from an elephant’s tusk, polished to a shine. The Great Cat’s name was Sha-Kee. Oh, he was a sight to see, was Sha-Kee! But even Sha-Kee, with his slanty eyes like green emeralds, would not look upon the Emperor face.
            One day Sha-Kee heard all the cats talking about him and the Emperor. They turned to him and said, “Sha-Kee, are you afraid of the Emperor?” They blinked with tears in their eyes, because Sha-Kee glittered like the Sun in the sky! They looked away while they waited for his answer...